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  • Do I need to be a member to write a comment?
    You do not need to be a member to read messages and comments, but you must be among our valued members to write a new message or comment.
  • When should I write a message?
    If you have new information or images on the topic, or if you want to raise a question that has never been asked before, you can write a new message under the relevant category.
  • Why comment?
    You can write a comment to express your opinion about the message you have read, to support it with additional information and documents, or to provide evidence to support your contrary opinion. You can comment right below the message, or you can comment on the comments of other forum members.
  • What should be considered when writing a message or commenting?
    First of all, we should be respectful of the ideas, opinions and perspectives of our forum members and be aware of the diversity and value they bring to the forum. Everyone has the right to express their own ideas and opinions. We should also take care not to deviate from the main topic of the message. Your messages should also be related to the category under which they are posted. We should be careful not to repeat the same content, as someone else may have already created a similar message or answered your question. Thank you for being part of this community and sharing your views.
  • Can my posts be deleted from the site?
    Messages or comments written in accordance with the site rules will not be deleted, but messages containing profanity or disrespectful expressions will be deleted after a while, even if they are published.
  • Why do the names of your sites always start with Kamu?
    The word Kamu comes from the medieval Turkish word Kamag. It means; all, all, all, all. Since we aim to create integrative and unifying applications on social media, we choose brands that start with this word. KamuSözü aims to be everyone's word and KamuGözü aims to be everyone's eyes.
  • There is no advertising on the site, so where does the water for the mill come from?
    Advertising and subscription revenues from the Kamugözü Youtube channel are used to cover the costs of this forum. Since Kamugözü broadcasts the latest status of infrastructure projects, the information obtained from the Kamusözü forum can also be utilized in Kamugözü videos. In other words, Kamusözü feeds Kamugözü with information and Kamugözü supports Kamusözü financially. Both sites are operated in a way that contributes to each other's editorial life.
  • I can't find FLog in the dictionary.
    It is a word we created as an abbreviation of Forum Log. We started as a series of bulletins summarizing the developments in the forum on a weekly basis, and then we also included articles published in series by our valuable forum members. If you want to write a series of articles on a topic, FLog is just the place you are looking for, let's meet.
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